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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Week 11: Marketing with Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Influencers


So here we go with Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Influencers. I am not a big on Social Media (SM) to begin with. I have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have any of them if it were not for family and this class. I rarely use the three I have, much less, post anything. I’m of that age which Millennials refer to me as a “Boomer”. Although, I am not of the “Baby Boomer” generation. I am a member of “Gen X”. I didn’t sign up for it. I was born into it. An unasked-for birth right of sorts.

Now, don’t get wrong, I am not anti-SM. I would just rather be doing other things. Call me ‘Old Fashion’. However, I prefer ‘Old School’.

Let’s talk about Twitter for a moment. Over the last decade or so, this SM has exploded. It seems that every tweet is newsworthy. Let’s take the last four years. Every politician and celebrity who uses the platform makes me want to use it less. The news agencies like to use it and twist things around. Just a hot mess if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good things about the platform. People and businesses alike can put out fast messages and broadcast it to all of their followers. The followers can then re-tweet things they feel are worthy of such an action. I have seen complaints from consumers be quickly remedied by a business. This can be an effective way to quickly satisfy an issue and turn a negative into a positive.

I feel that many individuals using Twitter are a little attention starved. Giving every aspect of your daily routine to the general public is a little much. I really have no interest in what you had before breakfast, when you took your dog for a walk or that you paid a bill. Good for you! You ‘Adulted’ today.

LinkedIn is a platform on which I have an account. Like the other SMs I have, I don’t use it often. As a matter of fact, it’s the least used. There are some good tools on the platform. I like the jobs posting, recruiting, networking and ability to endorse people. I have a great job as an Electronics Technician with a concentration in computers. People endorse me for my technical skills and various other things. This is great if/when I may be looking for other employment. A potential employer can view my profile and see these things. Which may give me a little bump in credit with the interviewer. Headhunters or recruiters may use this to find potential candidates for companies seeking people in specific skill sets. I have had several employment offers based on my profile, despite it being poorly maintained and rarely updated. I have not looked into the B-to-B side of LinkedIn for myself. I have enough trouble at this point juggling full-time employment and being a full-time student.

Social Influencers, Ugh. When did this become a thing? I guess it’s a great way for people addicted to SM to make some extra money. A person becomes a Social Influencer by over posting, at least that’s the way I see it. Once they achieve a certain number of followers, likes, reposts and so on, they can become Brand Ambassadors. I know a guy that does this as a side hustle. He has 3 grills, works at a butcher shop and is always posting about grilling meat. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you probably don’t like this guy. Anyway, he posts meats, seasoning, tools, utensils and whatever else he used when grilling. He achieved the right number of post and followers. Now, he is being sent things and meat for free. Once he posts about them, he works to get as many likes, reposts and more followers as he can. When he reaches that magic number, he gets money. Great for him. I don’t know where he finds the time. Some Social Influencers have reached a point where this is just their full-time job. Get the products for free, post the heck out of it and collect money.

Maybe I should try this for geriatric products once I retire. I can endorse Viagra, Metamucil, adult diapers and other various items older people need. If I’m getting paid, I’ll do it with a great big smile on my face.

For anyone that is interested or read this far, below is my LinkedIn.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Week 10 Part B: Developing an ENewsletter

 So the images didn't quite make it through the copy and paste process. Some of the formatting took a hit as well. Please, read, enjoy and don't judge me. I'm still learning. 😅

TMDE Times



In all seriousness.... This is an example of a spoof newsletter my counterpart and I came up with for internal distribution with our colleagues. I thought it would be fun to play around with it here.

ATS Shelters in Place; Pretends to Telework


VARIOUS, VA – After the President’s declaration that COVID-19 “Coronavirus” is a national nuisance, MCSC and LogCom entities took the opportunity to go home.  “It’s our patriotic duty”, said Jennifer England, senior Logistician, whose reputation of shirking work, going home early, and generally doing as little as possible is well known.

    Telework agreements were passed out, and all teams are now required to turn on their computers, answer emails, and participate in several teleconferences each day, all from home.  “But”, said Brian Nimmick, Equipment Specialist, while tapping his head knowingly, “They didn’t say we had to wear pants."

    Terry Ritchie, ATS Team Lead, during an interview with The Times said confidentially, “It’s like managing a herd of freaking cats.  All they have to do it pretend to work, and l pretend I don’t know they’re not working, but Jesus Christ, I have to call every single morning and remind them to log in, and they keep saying that the network is down or some crap, plus every single teleconference Brian Nimmick declares that he’s not wearing pants!”. “What the F did I get myself into?” Mr Ritchie muttered to himself.  “And don’t print that last part.”


Fleet Support Develops GPATS TM

STAFFORD VA – After winning the Technical Manual contract to develop an operator’s and maintenance manual for the General Purpose Automated Tester (GPATS), Picatinny Arsenal immediately tasked ATS to provide all content, properly formatted, and with all technical drawings and pictures to be sent to them forthwith. 

    In a closed-door teleconference with the Project Officers, Terry Ritchie, ATS Team Lead, suggested using those three a$$holes from Fleet Support to produce the document. “Those jerks are always getting me in trouble with illegal programming, selective interchange, and basically complaining about everything in the program. Let them do it.”

    Faced with an uphill battle of writing a TM on an item they’ve never seen before, FST took only a single week to produce a document filled with crayon renderings of the CIC and troubleshooting and repair steps that included “keep the CIC cool by pouring water on it occasionally.” When asked about whether he regretted his decision to give FST so much responsibility, Mr. Ritchie said, “What do you think? Those idiots even managed to misspell TM! How is it we haven’t fired them all yet?”.

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Week 11: Marketing with Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Influencers

 👊 So here we go with Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Influencers. I am not a big on Social Media (SM) to begin with. I have Facebook, Instagr...